ACIRA suffered from a shrinking membership
and organizational ineffeciencies.

We helped them save time, save money, and achieve their goals.

See How We Did It

Cutting Costs & Saving Time

For years, ACIRA relied on printed flyers to get their info out. Although they were able to take advantage of their network of teacher members for distribution, printing costs were high and accountability was low.

Were the flyers being delivered consistently? Was their message getting out? Were the flyers worth the price?

We designed and developed a new website for ACIRA, with a customized content management system under the hood. ACIRA officers now have a quick and easy way to add and update information without having to rely on flyers.

ACIRA members now have a single source of information that they can access directly anytime. ACIRA officers are saving hours of time every month, and the organization has virtually eliminated its printing costs.

Fill in the Blanks

Because ACIRA has an all-volunteer staff, updating their website needed to be quick and easy. Most content management systems (CMS) are easy to use, but we made it even easier.

We set up a customized version of WordPress that gives ACIRA officers access to the areas they need, and gives them a simple fill-in-the-blanks way to update their site.

With a CMS customized for their specific needs, ACIRA officers can update their site in a way that's as easy as sending an email!

Beautiful and Quick on Any Screen

ACIRA members are primarily teachers, which means they're visiting the site on a wide range of devices with various connection speeds.

We worked with ACIRA to create their new logo and define their new brand colours.

We utilized ACIRA's brand colours to create a site that looks great and loads quickly on any device and connection.

ACIRA members now have quick access to information no matter where they're viewing the site.

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