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We help small businessesnonprofitsyour brand do better digitally.

You have goals for your business. From increasing revenue to improving your brand presence — and everything in between — we can help.

See how we do it


Conversion-Focused Design

(We build your site)

We design sites that look great & get results.

Whether it’s a single landing page for gathering customer information or a full-featured site with e-commerce and a blog, we can build it for you.

The sites we build are designed to turn visitors into customers, and they look great too!

Web Site Optimization

(We improve your site)

We take good sites and make them great.

Design is more than just how it looks. Design is how it works.

We won’t necessarily change the overall look of your site — although we might do that too. We’ll adjust content, text, and elements, and fix what needs to be improved.

These changes are done with purpose, made to increase your conversions and enable long-term revenue growth.

Digital Marketing Solutions

(We help you sell online)

Selling online is easier than you think!

We’re WooCommerce and Shopify experts! Whatever you’re selling – from products to services – we can help you do it online using either of these leading e-commerce solutions.

We’re also experts at Stripe integration, so we can help you take payments online for anything you’re selling.

Project Consultation

(We help you figure things out)

If you’re not sure where to start, let us light the way.

Want to do more with your website? Not sure how to best utilize social media? Wondering if you should start building an email list?

Take advantage of our expertise and experience! We have vast knowledge of methods, tools, and strategies that we can tap into.

Talk to us about your goals, and we can help you figure out how to achieve them!


SCIRA: A Conference in Crisis

SCIRA was running a world-class annual conference. Then the 2008 global financial crisis struck.
Cascadia South helped them turn it into a catalyst for growth.

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ACIRA: Non-Profit Case Study

ACIRA suffered from a shrinking membership and organizational ineffeciencies.
We helped them save time, save money, and achieve their goals.

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Alberni Towing: To the Top

Before working with us, Alberni Towing had virtually no web presence.
Now, they rank #1 for their search terms.

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