#buildyourbiz in April with These 5 Tips

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We’ve been posting these tips all month long as part of our #buildyourbiz series. Follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter to read them as they go live!

1. Relaunch old content to drive more traffic

Relaunch content to drive more traffic

Brian Dean has a three-step strategy for driving more traffic:

  1. Identify content that could be performing better
  2. Improve and update those posts
  3. Relaunch the posts

Relaunching your content is a great way to drive traffic for two reasons: It gets old content in front of new eyes, and, by making your old posts even better, your content will perform better organically in search engines and on social media.

2. Meet your customers where they’re at

Get in front of your customers where they are

Writing for Moz’s blog, Casey Meraz warns against ending up with tunnel vision when focusing on local SEO.

The businesses and marketers that are doing really well are focusing on a variety of goals.

There are a variety of ways to get into the minds of potential customers, and the best way to do that is by getting in front of your customers in the places they’re already at.

3. Give your customers a look behind the scenes

Build interest by giving a look behind the scenes

Josh Haynam has a bunch of great lead generation strategies on Hubspot’s blog.

One strategy that can be very successful is giving a behind-the-scenes look at your business.

This can not only make you look more personable and relatable, but it can also be an easy way to make helpful, relevant content.

Showing how you pulled off a big win, or how you dealt with a specific problem, can provide a framework for your readers to use in similar situations.

4. Focus more on email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best conversion tools

As The Good’s Jon MacDonald writes, email marketing is a consistent high performer when it comes to conversion rates and return on investment.

Putting more of your focus and budget into email marketing can see amazing gains at a lower cost than other methods.

Focusing on social media and new marketing ideas might be more fun, but email is a reliable tool that deserves a lot of attention.

5. Send a cart abandonment email

Cart abandonment emails have great conversion rates

On his blog, Roland Pokornyik points out that sending cart abandonment emails can have a huge impact on sales.

These emails have a 40.3% open rate, a click through rate that’s close to 27%, and a third of those clicks result in conversions!

Cart abandonment rates can be as high as 74%, but you can bring back some of those visitors and turn them into paying customers with a good cart abandonment email!

Your homework this weekend is to dig through the links in this post so you can put these tips into practice and #buildyourbiz in 2017!

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